Starting from today, Pakistan resumes Polio drive despite concerns of COVID-19 Pandemic.

ISLAMABAD: “Pakistan is fully committed to ensuring Polio comes to an end in the country,” says Dr Rana Muhammad Safdar. Mr Safdar has recently been tasked to oversee the national struggle of the anti-Polio drive. It is important to note that Polio currently exists only in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Consequently, in order to get rid of the Polio, Pakistan needs to conduct a serious national struggle. 

Dr. Rana tweets a video where Pakistani polio workers can be seen doing their duties by following SOPs of COVID-19.

In June 2020, General Bajwa, the 4-star head of Pakistan Army talked to Bill Gates regarding the issue. Bill Gates has been serving as the primary person for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Mr Bajwa stated that Pakistan despite the COVID-19 challenges is still committed to fighting polio. Furthermore, both sides agreed to create a better environment for vaccination workers and praised their efforts.

Part of the reason behind Pakistan’s lack of success in order to eliminate Polio is the active militancy in the country. Moreover, these radical elements target Polio health workers that go door-to-door and provide the vaccine to the child. A child by definition of vaccination protocols is any individual below the age of 6. Pakistan has seen tremendous success in bringing down the militancy, however, its struggle to eliminate Polio has not shown desired results. 

It is certainly good news that Pakistan has again put a national struggle for the elimination of Polio. We at Pakistan, Our Stories with the very best to our Polio health-workers for risking themselves and ultimately finding success.

What do you feel about the nature of militancy in Pakistan and its effects the Polio drive? Do share with us in the comments below.


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