The Ambassador of Pakistan to Germany holds a “productive” meeting with BMW.

Many of us who have followed Dr. Muhammad Faisal are well acquainted with his passion to work for the betterment of Pakistan. He was formerly the spokesperson of the Foreign Office, Pakistan, and held countless meeting(s) with his Indian counterparts during the on-going Kartarpur Corridor talks.

After serving as the Spokesperson, he was posted to Berlin, Germany in order to run Pakistan’s Embassy there on the designation of Pakistan’s ambassador to Germany.

Now as the Ambassador, he is leaving no stone unturned to find Pakistan much needed foreign direct investment by big names. According to his tweet, he visited the Head Quarters of BMW, one of the world’s most well-renowned brands of auto-manufacturing.

Pakistan’s geopolitical location and its growing economy is the right time for the country to find partners that are willing to invest as well as install manufacturing plants which will be a win-win solution for all sides.

Current Status of the Automobile industry in Pakistan:

Currently, there are three main big names that occupy Pakistan’s automobile industry. Toyota, Suzuki, and Honda. All three of them launch very limited number of models, and their quality is often subjected to be quite poor. Thus, it gives other car manufacturers a loop-hole to explore and enter the market.

The same is done by KIA Motors, with the launch of KIA Sportage, and KIA Picanto, the company has become an instant success as the Pakistani market seems to be a great fan of KIA’s products.

Room for BMW, and more:

BMW is actively looking for new opportunities, and currently, Pakistan provides the best window. Not only Pakistani market might become a success for BMW as the brand already has a strong branding in Pakistan, but given if the BMW ensures prices are maintained, and production is done within Pakistan, it can be a win-win situation for both.

Thus, it is earlier to predict what may be the outcome of this meeting. However, it does point into the direction towards the willingness of Pakistan’s government to invite Direct Foreign investment.


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