The third-largest province of Pakistan announces to establish a second national park after 46 years.

KARACHI: Sindh, which is the second-largest province of Pakistan by population and third-largest by land area has decided that it will soon establish a national park to allow the local bio-diversity to flourish. The provincial decision comes after almost 46 years, as the last national park set up in the province was in 1974.

The park is announced to be named Takkar National Park and will host a variety of wildlife: from migratory birds, jungle cats, foxes, deer, falcons, and so on. As announced by the government, the selection of sites is strategic as it hosts the largest number of animals in the region, and is also cut-off from the population.

Image source: Google Maps.

The decision was also shared in a tweet by the chairperson of Pakistan’s People Party Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari:

The land of the park is set to stretch over a region of 17,540 Hectors and is located in Kot Diji Taluka, which has also one of the most prominent historical fort(s). The decision is set to not only solve the woes of climate change but will also give room for tourism to come. While the COVID-19 is a major challenge for international and domestic tourism, however, the decision is a welcoming one which will allow tourism in the region to flourish.

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