The US Provides critical COVID-19 aid to Pakistan, as the country also supported the United States with critical Aid last month.

WASHINGTON: The United States of America sends an aid of 100 ventilators to Pakistan on Friday the 3rd of July, 2020. The aid of ventilators comes at a critical time when both the countries are battling COVID-19, however, things are much worse in the United States as compared with Pakistan, as the US currently has far too many deaths and patients.

US Secretary of the State Mike Pompeo tweeted while talking about the support to Pakistan:

On 22nd of May, 2020 the Government of Pakistan send an exclusive C-130 of Pakistan Air Force which was aimed at providing masks and other protective gear to the health workers battling the frontlines of COVID-19 patients in the United States. The move was appreciated by many in the US, as it was considered unprecedented for a country like Pakistan helping the US despite being itself in a vulnerable position.

However, several netizens in Pakistan raised concerns about whether the move to send critical supplies of COVID-19 is a good idea or not. Things have changed when the United States helps Pakistan with over 100 Ventilators. As Ambassador Jones, the US ambassador to Pakistan described these ventilators to be advanced with cutting edge technology present in the given time.

Presently 4,619 COVID-19 patients have died in Pakistan. The job is certainly not over for the health workers in Pakistan, and a small token of friendship & aid will be fruitful and life savior.

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