Tik Tok sensation Asif Magsi leaps to glory

magsi jumping

Asif Magsi has become a Tik Tok sensation in the previous weeks due to his remarkable long jumping skills. Furthermore, Magsi has garnered over 1.2 million followers as of now on the social media platform. It was not long before many concerning authorities were impressed by Magsi’s skills.

Even the long jumping legend Carl Lewis chimed his opinion on Twitter saying:

Carl Lewis’ tweet regarding Magsi

But that’s not all. Magsi gained recognition of Pakistan Army in the procedure as well. Moreover, various sources have cited that the army’s athletics department will be giving special training to Magsi which will help him attain a better form and position.

Various experts have said that Magsi’s form is quite incorrect and a lot of things about his actions could be improved. Especially in terms of thrust, Magsi seems to be having a flat jump. It will certainly take extensive training to make him competent enough for national and international games.

Amidst the recognition, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management wished the best for Magsi on their Twitter.

PCB’s tweet in support of Magsi

Magsi stated that he received a call soon after his video went viral on social media platforms. In this video, Magsi is seen jumping over 11 bikes. He starts off with a general run, soon progressing to a remarkable jump that lands him on the other side.

Video of Asif Magsi jumping

It is not without a doubt that Tik Tok sensation Asif is bound to be on the way of success with expert supervision and guidance at his disposal. The intervention from authorities and preferential treatment of true talent in Pakistan can pave way for Asif’s glory in the upcoming years. Not only that, many individuals like Asif are working to attain a single chance of showcasing their talent. Magsi’s example shows that with access to online media, anyone can get the exposure they deserve.


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