US Aid funded program is helping Pakistan uplift its Literacy rate, especially by supporting girl’s education.

IslamabadPakistan Reading Project (PRP) funded by the United Stated Aid Program in Pakistan, is helping to increase Pakistan’s literacy rate. For the past 7 years, the project has helped developed reading instruction skills of over 27,000 teachers and helped to provide reading curriculum to over 1.38 million students.

In the year 2013, Pakistan was one of the country which saw a decline in its literacy rate. This was the time when PRP became active under the direct funds by US Agency for International Development. The project so far has been successful with the help of commitment by US Aid Program, Pakistan Reading Project, and local Teachers.

So far the PRP has reached over to 433,000 students in 3,500 schools in the country’s Sindh province. The PRP has helped making curriculum based to promote local languages, investment in teacher’s development, and helping to elevate girl’s education.

Expanding young girls
School girls attending their classroom.

Pakistan has a long way to go to improve its literacy rate but small steps like such are helping the country’s education system.


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