Who is the new Chinese ambassador to Pakistan?

It is a well-established fact, the friendship between Pakistan and China is time tested over and over again; Both countries have helped each other through their roughest of times. Thus it comes as no surprise when both China and Pakistan call each other “Iron brothers”.

When the diplomatic relations were established between the two countries, at that time, Pakistan was economically much stronger than its’ brother China. Fast forward to the twenty-first century the coins have flipped, and China is well on its way to becoming a global superpower due to the hard work of Chinese people, and the commitment of the Chinese Government.


In 2013, China and Pakistan signed a pact known as China Pakistan Economic Corridor [CPEC]; which includes a series of projects aimed at boosting the capabilities of Pakistani ports, road infrastructure, and most important of all the energy infrastructure. Ever since 2013, the work has been on a steady path and showing signs of improvement(s) to Pakistani citizens.

Upon our interview with a resident of Lahore, Mr. Shoaib and his family live in a small house with four of their kids. The family describes prior to the CPEC agreement, they suffered load-shedding or power outrages for more than 14-Hours each day. Now, thanks to CPEC that load-shedding has come to an end.

While Pakistan still is energy hungry regardless this is a big achievement, made possible with the help of CPEC.


Mr. Nong Rong is a trade specialist. He does not have any experience in global diplomacy nor has he served as the ambassador to China at any Chinese embassy. Mr. Nong Rong previously served as the Communist Party’s secretary of ethnic and religious affairs. This means, Mr. Nong is well experienced and equipped to deal with sensitive matters if they arise at any given time within the CPEC.

Mr. Nong also worked as the mayor as well as the deputy Party’s secretary of the city of Guigang in Guangxi. He also served within the Trade and Economic Cooperation Department, during his time China managed to hold an expo of ASEAN states, promoting inter-regional harmony and trade.

With having a person like Mr. Nong, it seems obvious not only the commitment of China towards the early completion of CPEC but that of Pakistan. It will also ensure Mr. Nong uses his expertise to ensure CPEC is well on its way to increase regional trade and harmony.


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