World Health Organization (WHO) has listed Pakistan among 7 countries from which World can learn to beat future pandemics

As the COVID-19 in Pakistan is seeing a decline, it is without any doubt that the world is eyeing towards Pakistan and to see what worked in the country from which it can learn. COVID-19 Pakistan’s graph is has been on a steady decline since the end of July and the start of August.

Speaking to a press conference, the Director General of World Health Organization (WHO) said:

“Pakistan has used the infrastructure it developed in its fight against polio to tackle Covid-19, Community health workers, previously used to vaccinate children for polio, have been redeployed for contact tracing and monitoring.”

Earlier, both Bill Gates and Volkan Bozkir recognized and appreciated Pakistan’s response to COVID-19.

While many in Pakistan are unsure of exactly what worked in the country but the Government’s policy of smart lockdowns simply seems to have worked. Instead of locking down entire cities, the government gathered data of regions with most COVID-19 cases and implemented lock-down(s) on those specific regions.

It is earlier to predict as to when COVID-19 in Pakistan will come to an end however with business returning to usual, and fewer people wearing a mask, the concerns of second-wave are running high. On the 8th of September, 286,000 patients recovered from COVID-19.

Regardless, it is a much welcoming statement by the WHO for recognizing the efforts made by Pakistani authorities, especially the medical workers & professionals.


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